Celebration 1969 – 2021

Expressions from the 5 continents for the 52th anniversary of the harangue“The healing of suffering”, given by Silo in Punta de Vacas on May 4, 1969

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Punta de Vacas

Celebration of the Day of Testimony 2-4 May 2021

On May 4, 1969 at the foot of Aconcagua mountain, Silo launched a harangue known as The Healing of Suffering. Today 50 years later, is even more relevant than then.

Let us celebrate this Day of Testimony by sharing experiences on this path of overcoming violence and inner suffering, strengthening us, enlightening us and opening our future.

On Sunday, May 2, we will meet via zoom from 12:00 to 14:00 PdV (Punta de Vacas, Mendoza, Argentina time), to listen to the speech and share testimonies in small group by language.

We invite you to share your initiatives in the Zoom Room #Silo4M by filling out the form on this page