A Shared Valid Action

Celebration of the 51st anniversary of the Healing of Suffering

As we all know, our activities have been face-to-face along the years. Facing the resistances of the pandemic and the quarantines, which imposed limits to our expressions and actions, new responses were generated, and the joint spirit was renewed and strengthened.

Many groups and Communities of the Message had begun to hold their weekly or daily meetings over the Internet. Some had been trying to create virtual platforms, investigating new possibilities. Others were seeking to deepen and raise the tone and harmony with the whole. A multiplicity of convergent attempts were carried out.

In this context it was carried out a virtual Seasonal Celebration. And since then we started to celebrate joint ceremonies through Zoom. For almost 50 days we shared Experiences of well-being, Services and Askings amongst 75 to 160 friends from various countries, from the five continents. And this good harmony opened, in an inspired way, the possibility of sharing different acts, ceremonies, testimonies, around the 4th of May. We agreed to make a platform available to anyone who wanted it, and to promote its dissemination as much as possible. All this came out from the heart because of a shared need, so it unfolded with strength and joy, overcoming any difficulty.

This is how an open team was put together, with friends from different countries and cities. We asked our IT friends for help. We tested different platforms, until we decided to book a Zoom room with a capacity for 1000 people, to which we added two rooms of 100, which allowed us to operate with 3 simultaneous rooms. The IT staff tested the simultaneous broadcast to YouTube and Facebook channels – where the transmissions are also recorded, so that they can be viewed later. We set up an event on Facebook, where we included templates so that anyone could register their activity. Also a website, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where we host the videos and testimonials sent by friends. We used #Silo4M as a common element.

Everything was organised in just two weeks. What was initially thought to be a single day, was finally extended to a few days on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th which we called Silo4M.  More than 80 events and activities were held and transmitted in the Zoom rooms with attendees, and as many audiovisual productions, testimonies, etc., produced by Parks, Communities, Organisations, Action Fronts and friends in general. Everyone who wished to do so expressed themselves freely.

We learned so much! It was something we had never done before. We were constantly „making the wheels of the train wilsth the train was running“. Looking for simplifying things so that it would be easy to everyone to participate, clarifying how to to locate what, when and where something was occurring, making simple to watch different platforms or to participate directly. Even with the celebration already launched, proposals of activities kept coming in, so we had to continuously update the forms with the schedules and rooms. The rooms were always assisted by our IT friends. We were learning what to do in case of hackers‘ intrusion, and a thousand of other details. In summary, more than 80 activities were carried out in the three Zoom rooms, and more than 70 videos of productions and testimonials. There were thousands of views, on 8 broadcast channels, on Facebook and Youtube (*)

The page www.silo4m.net will remain working, and the YouTube #Silo4M, as a window of what these days were. We will also include technical instructions on what we have learned so far, which could be useful for those who want to organise future events.

We think that this good atmosphere created in this open group of siloists sharing ceremonies, and of so many friends in whom the new sensibility unfolds, has been the condition of origin for this experience where we have been able to synchronise not just with the new technologies through the Internet, but through our hearts and from a common purpose.

We have felt united in a great Us. We have felt the Spirit reborn!

The joy, the strength, the union, the openness to the future, expressed by those who have shared this wonderful experience, is so great that the only words that can come close to expressing it, is Thank You!

Thanks from all of us to all of you!  Thank you Silo!